Grid Ledger System

Innovative blockchain/DAG hybrid technology developed in Japan.


The immutability of data stored on the blockchain opens up new possibilities for trust-less business models and secure information storage.


Running operations on Bexam will allow you to decide which information will be publicly visible and enables your partners, clients and customers to directly engage with and observe your progress.


Bexam's algorithm requires no mining and minimal energy consumption allowing reduced electricity costs while also automating redundant processes.


Running DApps and business processes on Bexam eliminates the risk of system failures and server downtime, saving money and improving the faith customers will have in a brand or service.


Transaction latency of 0.2 seconds means near instantaneous transactions.


The system's node structure allows the chain to automatically adjust and scale to maintain incredibly high transaction throughput.


Industry leading security measures backed by blockchain technology ensures the safety of the data.